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Glee - A - Day!
A Community dedicated to bringing you a Sparkle of Glee a day whether it's a picture, picspams, gifs or videos! Started on June 8th 2010. also the day the last episode of season 1 aired on television.
All posts are currently for Everyone but may be Members Only Soon so Join//Watch ! ♥
Maintained by [info]hopelesstarr & [info]jennyglee.
btw, All screencaps, picspams, gifs (etc) are taken/created by us, please do not take without credits (: Credits to whoever posted that day ^^ (However Glee is not claimed by us :D)
Glee is about the performer, the singer, the star, and, most importantly, the outcast. Educator Will Schuester and his passion for Glee Club, aptly named “New Directions,” sought out the best singers from McKinley High in Lima, Ohio and taught them the true meaning of Glee. Through trials and tribulations, learning to accept themselves, and inevitable spills in high school relationships and baby mama drama, the students of New Directions bond with each other through the music in their hearts. This show also has its plot turns centered away from the Glee Club as these students still have to deal with high school and families but the wonder comes from their ability to tackle their problems through music. With romantic relationships brings great drama and this mixed with the drive to beat out the competition, never ending schemes ensue as well as the iron fist of Cheer Coach Sue Sylvester whose one mission is to obliterate the Glee Club and all that it’s worth.
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