#101 ! :D

Oh my gah so late ! :D AHHAA. Anyways I have a new LJ so come visit Yeah ?<3 I'm doing the 60 DAYS OF QUICK. So if you're a QUICK fan. DO IT WITH ME. :D
-- > <- click click click. & tell me when you do it ? I want to see your answers! :D AHHAHA

Anyways, Here's one of the picspams I made for the 60 days of Quick . :)

#101 (:

Any requests ? <3
Especially since Glee's out for awhile :(
royai; dark

I think this is post #100 [:

 So I suppose we'll just post randomly now? ;___; Sorry! College is destroying our lives.
[feeel free to stalk our tumblrs. AHHAHA]

No glee this week ;___; But ! who's up for Rocky Horror next week!?
--> I myself never watched the original. I don't know what to look forward to.

Here's MikeChang and Brittany?<3 
(and here my MIKEBRITTANYship appears)

(c) to gleeky@tumblr / weloveheya@tumblr [: 

yay for post 100!
i feel like this post should be more SPECIAL you know? ;___; Hm.
here's a hugg?<3

ArtiexTina - Dream On

#I don't even know anymore?


So if it wasn't obvious before, I'm just going to make it official.
We are on a prolonged hiatus until I'm not sure when.
College happened. Boo.
Soo...without further ado, gleeaday is at a pause (like it wasn't paused already?).
However, we are still pretty active MikexBrittany shippers over at
where we don't post on a daily basis, we just kind of post whenever.
Also the graphics aren't as pretty as here.

But this is the latest thing I've done.

So if you're into that stuff, come join us!


P.S. I may or may not be at work right now as I am posting this.

#091 - ; this whole weeek is a spam of Episode 01 !

 #091 ! 

[we're missing 3 weeks + this week full of pictures! x__x]
here's the 2nd week i missed ! :)

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jalice; darkeclipse

#084 - #090 ; season 2 has started!


i love this picture!

Yes crazy hiatus. Sorry! Busy and stuff.
I'm still busy with stuff but i can't resist! I have to super spam you guys with GLEEEE from season 2 :)
How'd you guys like itt?
Get ready for a crazy spam.

This is for ONE week that I missed. The 2nd week will be posted in a different post. I was going to post
EVERYTHING in one post EACH but I thought you guys might get annoyed. :) So


Btw does anyone miss Matt but me?

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ArtiexTina - Dream On

#076 - #078; yay for procrastination

 I need to stop using "not having enough time" as an excuse to fall behind.
So I won't.
I got lazy.


I didn't realize I used Finn again until I started doing the text and stuff.
Whoops? Haha. But I like this scene. Kurt is cute.
And Kurt knows how to use that body language.

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